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About Us

Millenium Home is part of a group of companies; parent company is Millenium Employment Agency Ltd we have been serving vulnerable adults in the community since 1998.

Millenuim Homes represent a specialized area of service in the group offering it service to the mental health patients with positive recovery and rehabilitation programmes that are carefully monitored by the team to ensure each service user achieve their individual goals.

Our homes are nurse led as the management is delegated to the Home managers who are supported by Director within structured framework both internally and externally. The management is supported by a pool of qualified staff.  The team is composed of registered mental health nurses, team Leaders, support workers and GPs, Clinicians, family members, Psychologist, Occupational Therapies es holding NVQ 2 as a minimum, Externally we partner with Citation Plc to compliment and monitor health & Safety, Maintain high standard of service and CQC compliance periodically.


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Millenium Homes is proud to announce launch of our new website
Best service in the Streatham area. Highly recommended!!

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