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Care Pathway


Admission into the home

Implementation of rehabilitation & recovery Programme

  1. Service is tailored with the view of a positive outcome for users and effective risk management
    1. Managing mental health
      1. Managing Medication compliance
      2. Various therapeutic models used
        1. Weekly 1:1 key work session
        2. Group discussion Session
        3. Art Therapies
        4. Music Therapies
    2. Self Care
      1. Personal care
      2. Self grooming
    3. Living Skills -Empowerment and social inclusion
      1. Work placement
      2. Further certificated education
      3. Joining clubs such as writing clubs, Chess clubs, Mosaic clubs, Fanon
      4. Day centres
      5. Supervised cooking  & General domestic skills e.g. cleanliness
    4. Self Esteem
      1. Improve self confidence through training
      2. Building on trust and hope
        1. By setting goals in each stage of care pathway
      3. Stimulating Games and activities both indoor and outdoor
        1. Dominos
        2. Chess
        3. Exercise
        4. Scrabble
    5. Responsibilities
      1. Managing maintenance Budget
      2. Saving money
    6. Risk Management
      1. Staff properly trained to identify relapse signs
      2. Service is Nurse led
      3. All support staff holds minimum of NVQ2
      4. Staffing level at any one time reflects level of support needed – typically 1:2 staff ratio and a manager available on site week days and on call weekends.
    7. Relationship
      1. Immediate family relationship encouraged
      2. New safe relation encouraged


Continuing care & support for service users in their own home

  1. Medication compliance monitoring
  2. Care and support
  3. Key work sessions bimonthly
  4. Social Inclusion
  5. Goal setting and monitoring at this stage of care pathway



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