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Assessments & Admissions

Millenium Home aims to exceed expectations of working with this type of residents by first formulating a full and thorough assessment of need.

This is put together prior to the resident’s arrival, and encompasses the mental health history, risk behaviour and current rehabilitation deficits.

The importance of the assessment is highlighted in the design of the resident’s care package prior to their arrival.

It will then be necessary to ensure all risks, has been assessed and acted upon. Such a structured management of risks allows the resident to take responsibility in the context of their risk assessment and management strategies.

The assessment ensures that the focus of all interventions is evidenced based, and valuable in helping the resident develop a fulfilling lifestyle, and safely undertake their Role Responsibility.

Millenium Home recognizes the importance of ‘healthy eating’ and ensures that at all times an ample supply of fresh fruit, vegetables and juices are available and included in the menu for the residents.

Millenium Home recognises the importance of a healthy diet.

Millenium Home will develop links with dietary services that can advise and structure a healthy diet for the residents.
We endeavour to ensure that a major component of the resident’s rehabilitation plan is focused on developing an understanding of healthy wellbeing.

The staff will ensure that meal times are enjoyable by taking their meals with residents and encouraging them to eat together as a family.

There will be a monthly themed evening focusing on foods from different cultures, a weekly take away meal shared by all, and during the summer time we aim to have Bar-B-Q and relaxation period.

Part of the initial and ongoing assessment will be aimed at ensuring that at the earliest possible time the resident is empowered to take control of the administration of medication.

The staffs will liase with the designated pharmacy services to have all medication dispensed into ‘blister packs’, which will be handed to the resident.

The staff will encourage the resident into recognising the importance of medication concordance and will develop interventions aimed at reminding them of when their medication is due to be taken.

Whilst the style of care within Millenium Home is predominantly to manage risks, staff will also formulate a care plan that focuses on the origin of the risks, and will aim to construct interventions that minimises future risks.

This path allows Millenium Home to concentrate resources towards treatment package focusing on fine-tuning life skills and any community deficits.

The staff will continue to put into place an individualised rehabilitation plan designed around the ‘Wellness Recovery Model’ of mental health care.

This new concept concentrates on enabling the resident to recover skills that the illness might have made dormant such as paid employment, further education and social integration.

In doing so, our residents are empowered to devise strategies, which enable them to eventually take control of their lives, and achieve independent living in the community.

The success of this recovery model is to ensure that the service user has the support within the home to believe that they have a genuine potential to recover.

The staff will work collaboratively with the resident to ensure that the design of their rehabilitation plan is built around their future needs i.e. financial management skills rather than solely managing the symptoms.

To do so, underlines our commitment to recognise residents as individuals who are capable of progression and growth rather than passive recipients of care in an environment that promotes dignity, privacy, independence and choice.

Difficulties meeting these needs can be addressed in Key working sessions or in the weekly resident meeting whereby residents are encouraged to take responsibility for how Millenium Home is run and thereby taking ownership for household decision making.


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