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Development & Expansion

Review of our statement of purpose, service user’s guide to cover key area of our service provision by removing the age limit of 65 years old and asserting 18 years and over was completed in December 2011 and the publication were received in End of February 2012. This was significant change that meant that all our service users over 65 years and do not require nursing can remain with our organisation as long as possible.

Millenium Homes have also launched new operational systems of running its day-to-day operations that were incepted in Dec 2011 and completed in March 2012 in association with CQC guidance and also re-designed and adopted a new management structure as of March 2012.

Millenium medium term plan is not to acquire any new facility for expansion of its mental health home. The company will be consolidating its operation under the new organisational structures and roles. Expansion plan will be reviewed periodically with expansion set in the year 2014-2015 to be conducted organically within London Region by opening 4 new facilities of at least 3-6 beds.


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